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Harness Big Data with OdomaticTM


OBD Experts has harnessed Big Data in our new OdomaticTM library. OdomaticTM reads the Odometer and Fuel level on 95% of cars in the United States!

In this era of big data there are many clever algorithms that companies employ to make use of the data from cars. But how do you collect that data in the first place?

OBD Experts is already the industry leader in providing OBD II data (RPM, Speed, DTCs) to telematics companies. Now we have developed a unique add-on library that lets you read manufacturer-specific data from the vehicle. Our unique software lets you read valuable vehicle data by capturing messages already on the vehicle bus with no query-response wait times. OdomaticTM works based on VIN and can live directly on your device or on a server. It is scalable and adaptable to your needs.

OdomaticTM lets you read or capture Odometer and Fuel level on North American cars. Our coverage list is expanding every day and we are currently moving into European market coverage. Now is the time to use Big Data to enhance your telematics offering.