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Welcome to the OBD Experts Documents page. Below you can find links to a variety of useful Brochures, White Papers and Guides for download.


Volume 1 December 2014

Volume 2 March 2015


Brochure 1: OBD II Stack Brochure (first published May 2011)

OBD II Stack Brochure Letter Format (North America)

OBD II Stack Brochure A4 Format (Europe)

Brochure 2: Make Money with OBD II (first published November 2012)

Make Money with OBD II Letter Format (North America)

Make Money with OBD II A4 Format (Europe)

White Papers

White Paper 1: Is Your Tracking Lacking? (first published May 2012)

Is Your Tracking Lacking? - Letter Format (North America)

Is Your Tracking Lacking? - A4 Format (Europe)


Guide 1: OBD II Demonstration Hardware User Guide (May 2014)

Demo Hardware User Guide

Guide 2: OBD Experts Hal Explained(first published May 2012)

HAL Guide