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Validate Your OBD Tool

Test on a range of vehicles

Testing an OBD tool is an on-going commitment before and after the launch of a new OBD device. Let OBD Experts ensure that your OBD tool is able to communicate with all vehicles - now and in the future.

OBD Experts has a network of garage owners and car dealerships as well as a crack team of experienced diagnostic engineers that can validate your OBD tool on thousands of vehicles in Europe and North America.

OBD Experts can help you to identify the best target vehicles and develop the fastest tests. We can provide you with custom J1850 PWM and J1850 VPW simulators so that you can simulate a busy network and ensure that your OBD II tool works properly in a real world environment.

Best of all, we only use experienced, equipped diagnostic engineers to do our testing, so we can help you investigate and resolve any software faults quickly and reliably.

Test Design

OBD Experts can help you best design your tests for speed and vehicle coverage. We will research your target market and determine the vehicles on which you should test.

OBD Experts can orchestrate a large scale product validation or we can perform on-going conformance tests. Whatever your requirements, let OBD Experts help you develop the best test suite for your OBD Tool.

Expert Testers

OBD Experts testers work with garage owners, car dealerships and rental agencies. We have access to a wide range of vehicles so whether you are interested in a general set of tests on the most common cars on the road today or a specialist market (for example fleet cars, or 4x4s) we can find the appropriate vehicles.

Our testers are all fully trained automotive engineers with years of experience in OBD. From locating the OBD connector in a vehicle to analyzing bus data using specialized tools OBD Experts testers are fast, reliable and provide you an on-site expert help to perfect your product.

Custom Protocol Simulators

OBD Experts custom J1850 PWM and J1850 VPW simulators are the most innovative on the market and let you simulate a busy bus with multiple ECUs and multiple ECU responses. Use our simulators to test your device in the most realistic environment outside a real vehicle.